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Therapy can help individuals and their families to thrive.

Therapy may help to improve the quality of your relationships, decrease feelings of sadness and depression, anxiety and fears, and alleviate stress.

Therapy may also help you to cope in a healthy manner following a trauma or loss, manage anger, improve family communication, and increase positive family interactions.

As a result of therapy, you may experience an increase in your self-esteem, develop a deeper sense of self, and a more enduring sense of self, as well as a more enduring sense of self. This may lead to a more satisfying overall experience that may affect your satisfaction levels both at home and at work.

Children and adolescents may experience the benefits above as well become more adjusted in the school setting, experience improved relationships with peers, as well as improved coping skills to manage difficult emotions.
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Currently, Dr. Heller Does not accept any third-party payments from insurance companies.

Although she is not an "in-network" participating provider with your specific insurance company, many insurance provider plans include “out-of-network” coverage. These plans can help reduce the cost of therapy by covering part of the payment, which is usually 50% - 80% of your therapy fee.
Dr. Heller will provide you with a monthly therapy statement of the fees that you paid, and submit the information directly to your insurance company.  In the event there is a deductible for out-of-network benefits, you are responsible for the full amount of the deductible. 

Although many patients have, and use, their mental health insurance benefits, others prefer to pay privately “out-of-pocket.” There are various reasons to consider this:


You should know that insurance companies require detailed information about their members’ treatment, and often direct treatment (i.e. type of therapy, length of therapy, etc.)  This also includes providing a psychiatric diagnosis and other sensitive information that becomes part of your mental health record. These records may impact your ability to obtain other medical insurance down the road, as your new carrier can consider you as having a pre-existing condition.  As a private pay client, you assured that your treatment records are shared only with your prior written consent.

Benefit Coverage

Most insurance plans only cover a limited number of sessions per year.  Thus, any sessions scheduled beyond the annual maximum become an out-of-pocket expense. Prior to the start of treatment, you should check with your insurance carrier to see if you have an annual session maximum before deciding to use your insurance.

Freedom of Choice

As a private-pay patient, you have the freedom and flexibility to choose any psychologist you want, based on personal preference rather than having to select one from a panel provider.


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