Child-Adolescent-Adult Psychotherapy

Dr. Heller sees children, adolescents, and adults for both individual and family psychotherapy. She primarily works from an Attachment Theory/Family Systems perspective, which combines theories focusing on the significant bonds that individuals have with primary attachment figures – beginning with the parents and moving out to other relationships – as well as how we, as individuals, fit into a larger framework of community. Dr. Heller also utilizes Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), an evidence-based treatment for anxiety and depression.

Many people enter into individual psychotherapy in order to discuss personal issues that they may not feel comfortable discussing with others close to them. Some of these issues may be related to feelings of sadness, anger, relationship stress and conflict, and grief and loss, among other problems and concerns. With children and adolescents, these feelings may manifest into behaviors such as acting out at school, isolating from peers, emotional outbursts, and difficulty communicating with others.

Families tend to enter therapy when a specific concern affects the whole family. Family therapy focuses on conflict resolution and increased positive and effective communication in the family system.

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Consulting Services

Dr. Heller provides a unique consulting service aimed at improving the quality of relationships between families and their nannies with the goal of maintaining the caregiver long-term and enhancing children’s overall well-being and development. For more information on this service, please visit

Accepted Payment Methods

To pay for services using your credit card, download the authorization form and bring it to your session.
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Heller Psychological Services accepts the following payment methods:

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Confidentiality in Treatment

All communications between a patient and a psychologist is generally considered to be confidential and thus, it is protected by law. That means Dr. Heller cannot and will not reveal to anyone what you have discussed, or even the fact that you are in treatment, without your permission unless you sign a written HIPPA Authorization form that meets certain legal standards. There are, however, certain very specific situations in which there are exceptions to this, and in which case I am required by law to disclose your confidential information. These exceptions are detailed in my Patient-Psychologist Service Agreement.

Notice of Privacy – HIPAA Statement

You, on the other hand, may inform anyone you wish that you are in treatment, and request that information is shared with whomever you choose. You may revoke that permission in writing at any time.